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HigherRing's goal is to create quality jobs by providing extraordinary customer service and back office support to their like-minded clients.  They believe that GREAT customer service is a valued skill and that customer service professionals, when engaged as members of a company's marketing and operations team, can play an important role in attracting and retaining customers.  

HigherRing is proud to provide  a living wage and healthcare benefits to our team.

Although our team members work from home, our use of chat software means that we can collaborate even more closely than team members working in the same physical location. We problem solve and crowdsource solutions to difficult customer issues in real time and create a community environment that is unique in this industry.  

We work hard to ensure flexible schedules so that employees can work around family and volunteer commitments. We celebrate our employees starting at the bottom and working their way up; 100% of our movement through the ranks are internal moves.