Who We Are and What We Do

Dial.Work is a recruiting company that matches work from home agents in customer facing roles with jobs that fit their skill set and experience.

The potential benefits of remote work are obviously vast, but the marketplace for jobs and contractors is tenuous, fractured, and rife with risk.  On the contractor’s side, it’s way too hard to find the companies with needs that fit your strengths and there are a ton of scams and sometimes just plain strange sites out there.

On the employer side, it’s really hard to tell who is at the other end of the resume, but the current landscape is fractured in a way that creates few benefits and many costs. That’s why we created Dial.work. Dial.work focuses on surfacing the personalities, character, and skills of the agents who list themselves through video quotes and a skill screening flows tailored specifically for the roles we focus on at dial.work: Sales development reps, customer support agents, and virtual admins.

Our goal is find jobs for agents and agents for jobs where both have the maximum chance of success.