Exhausted by online job applications? Want a way to make them faster and easier?
Try Stronghire.ai

Hire the best remote sales & support agents with confidence

We connect companies with remote agents specializing in customer-facing roles. Our assessment tools ensure that candidates and companies are a great fit for each other. Our agent profiles enable agents to shine and companies to get real insight into their applicants. The result? Less hassle. Better hires. Better jobs.

Remote Agents Ready to Talk to Customers

Because every candidate specializes in one of four customer-facing roles, you'll get a meaningful track record for each potential hire.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are screened for typing ability, ability to multi task, writing quality, and ability to deliver in demanding phone answering environments.

Inside sales

You can specify the sales characteristics and experience you want in your candidate pool, then get insights into individual personalities and strengths.

Sales development reps

Not everyone is up for the grind. Use our tools to pull candidates who have proven it as well as those who have the potential to shine.

Customer support agents

Tailor your candidate pool to the right temperament, industries, and level of expertise.

What makes us different

  • Filters and tags specifically designed for hiring remote sales and support agents. The candidates in your inbox or candidate management system are always worth your time because we screen them against the criteria that matters.
  • Short, easy-to-view video interviews. Our screening takes care of the objective criteria. Our video interviews give you a feel for personality. You get the crucial first five minutes of the in-person interview before you give up a half hour block of time.
  • Customizable questions. If you have specific criteria that matters, let us know and we'll add them to our comprehensive agent screens.
  • Every agent on dial.work is screened for equipment and work environment.  Table stakes for remote work is a reliable internet connection and the right equipment. All of our candidates meet the bar.

How it works for companies looking for agents

Our process is simple. You describe your needs and we shape our recruitment efforts accordingly.

We listen to you

You talk. We listen. You know what kind of candidates are going to work and which aren't. Step one is to deeply understand your hiring profile.

We screen

Based on your hiring profile, we develop a custom screen for potential candidates in and outside of our network. The candidates presented to you will closely match your needs. When you have the list, you browse through the profiles for candidates and select the ones that feel like a fit.

You evaluate

Our profiles are designed to help you get a real feel for the agent and how they would represent your business. They accomplish this via the video summaries that we ask agents to record, the questions we ask, and the data we collect.

We connect you

This part’s simple. When you find someone you want to interview, we put the two of you in touch. What comes next is up to the two of you.

For agents

With us, you have a better chance of getting hired. Every time you apply.

Less hassle. Better jobs.

Because we know what makes you special and help you share it with the employers who are looking for exactly what you’ve got. We also vet the companies that list with us to ensure that they’re not scammers preying on people looking for a work from home job.

The usual process for getting a job is the pits

You browse the job listings. You apply, along with hundreds of other people.

The hiring manager is skimming through all resumes quickly and can easily miss that one thing in your application or resume that speaks to them. Or worse - they use a machine language algorithm to scan through resumes (again designed for hiring software engineers!) and completely miss your attitude, your soft skills, your grit.

But you need a job so you jump through all these hoops - even though they don't make a ton of sense.

We believe there's a better way.

With Dial.work, you create a profile and we apply for you whenever there's a fit

You create a profile  with us once. Your profile combines hard data about your skills and space for you to highlight what's special about you through video statements and other tools.

Whenever a company creates a hiring profile that matches your info, we analyze it for the best matches and if you're one of them, you apply automatically.

If the hiring manager likes your profile, they send you a connection request. Then it's your choice to accept or decline.

Bottom line for you? Less hassle. Better jobs.